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15 November, 2021

How To Pick The Best Promotional Golf Umbrella

We’ve all been there. The wind picks up, it starts to rain, we grab our umbrella and then all of a sudden it blows inside out and it breaks. I am sure we all have our own horror stories when it comes to golf umbrellas, so the question is, how do we pick an umbrella that is sturdy enough for our needs. There are numerous things to consider and I’m hoping this blog will help you choose one that is right for your business promotion. There is no priority to the list below in regards to importance, but all of the below parts should be considered, so we will go through each part of an umbrella to understand what makes a good umbrella.

  1. Canopy
    Choose an umbrella that has a good canopy. There is nothing worse than holding an umbrella and feeling the water drip down the back of your shirt or blouse, or then you move it backwards only to get a blast of rain on your face. Make sure the canopy size is at least 120cm diameter at a minimum to get good coverage.

  2. Is it Vented?
    This is a big one. Suppose you have the budget to try and get an umbrella that is double vented. This style of golf umbrella means if the wind picks up and comes under the umbrella, rather than putting pressure on the entire canopy, the wind escapes through the second panel. It’s a great invention in regards to umbrellas, and it is a must if you want an umbrella to last in high wind areas.

  3. Shaft Material
    People think metal is the strongest and most lasting of materials to have to support the canopy, but they would be wrong. If the ribs are made of metal, when a strong gust of wind comes underneath and pulls on the canopy, it then puts stress on the metal. When this happens, it can stretch or bend the metal parts, and once that happens, you can never get them back to shape, and the umbrella is ruined. The most durable material to get is fibreglass. The reason for this is fibreglass flexes so that it won’t bend and distort.

  4. Handle
    This part quite often gets missed, but how many times are you gripping a plastic handle on an umbrella and you are having difficulty holding onto it. The best type of handle is a rubber grip. It can be either soft or firm, but rubber is the best material to be able to keep a hold of an umbrella in stormy and high wind conditions, especially if your hands get wet.

  5. Opening
    This is more of a convenience factor rather than a construction one, but if you can get an auto-opening umbrella, it is better in regards to quick opening and low fuss. All those times, we struggle to get out of the car and then get the umbrella open, getting drenched in-between. An auto opening means a quick press of a button, and the umbrella is open in under a second to help keep you dry.

  6. Inverter
    A newer style of umbrella that has come on the market, an inverter golf umbrella is designed so it can be blown inside out without damaging the umbrella. They also have a unique closure system that closes up instead of down. This means the water is captured within the umbrella rather than it dripping down and getting the floor wet.

All of the above would make for the perfect umbrella to withstand storms and heavy winds. We are the experts when it comes to umbrellas, so if you are having difficulty locating the one you need for your promotion, contact us, and we’d be glad to help.

The Umbrellas Only Team