Shelta Umbrellas

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Shelta Economy Mens Auto Umbrella
Printed Shelta Economy Men’s Auto Umbrellas make a nice addition to any man’s collection.
from $27.51 to $18.56 ea
25 min qty
Shelta 55cm Folding Umbrella
Stylish and strong, these printed Shelta 55cm Folding Umbrellas are an ideal companion for daily travel.
from $30.78 to $20.50 ea
25 min qty
Shelta White Wedding Umbrella
No need to worry about the weather on your big day with these printed Shelta White Wedding Umbrellas.
from $31.28 to $20.86 ea
25 min qty
Shelta Mini Maxi Umbrella
Fashion and function are combined in these branded Shelta Mini Maxi Umbrellas.
from $34.84 to $23.43 ea
25 min qty
Shelta Bogey Umbrella
Protect yourself on the golf course with these branded Shelta Bogey Umbrellas.
from $35.57 to $27.43 ea
25 min qty
Shelta 60cm Executive Long Umbrella
Printed Shelta 60cm Executive Long Umbrellas are a nice addition to your travel accessories.
from $37.21 to $25.57 ea
25 min qty
Shelta 60cm Auto Open Umbrella
Never miss an important meeting or fun travel with these customised Shelta 60cm Auto Open Umbrellas.
from $37.61 to $25.43 ea
25 min qty
Shelta 61cm Umbrella
Customised Shelta 61cm Umbrellas combine classic elegance with modern style.
from $37.71 to $27.41 ea
25 min qty
Shelta 54cm Wind Vented Folding Umbrella
Shelta 54cm Wind Vented Folding Umbrellas are a premium customised product at an affordable price.
from $42.36 to $29.29 ea
25 min qty
Shelta 58cm Checkerboard Umbrella
Branded Shelta 58cm Checkerboard Umbrellas will make a statement without costing a fortune.
from $44.74 to $30.58 ea
25 min qty
Shelta Strathaven Umbrella
With minimalist look and tough construction, these printed Shelta Strathaven Umbrellas will certainly be your next favourite.
from $46.92 to $32.15 ea
25 min qty
Shelta Metropolitan Umbrella
Classy and smart, you will never want to leave the house without these customised Shelta Metropolitan Umbrellas.
from $49.48 to $34.43 ea
25 min qty
Shelta Strathgordon Umbrella
If you’re looking for an efficient umbrella that you can use for outdoor activities, these branded Shelta Strathgordon Umbrellas are what you need.
from $51.67 to $35.59 ea
25 min qty
Shelta Big Blue Sky Umbrella
Customised Shelta Big Blue Sky Umbrellas truly stand out for their robust construction and sky-inspired design.
from $54.64 to $40.85 ea
25 min qty

Custom Printed Shelta Umbrellas are colourful umbrellas with style to stock in your store or for your upscale marketing campaign. They are popular gifts for corporate customers and golfers and can be used in a multitude of business venues from showrooms to hotels and restaurants.

The high-quality umbrellas come in a range of styles, colours and sizes. Banks and Investment funds may decide to promote their business with a manual open, corporate-style umbrella with an elegant hook handle. These umbrellas don’t just come in classic colours, they are also made with versatile 190T polyester material and feature fibre glass ribs and shaft which makes them lightweight to carry. You can further enhance your message by having one of the canopy panels screen printed with your business name, logo and website details for added advertising reach.

We also stock umbrellas suitable for golfers or for corporate event days. These Shelta umbrellas are reinforced with vented technology to prevent the canopy from turning inside out when it’s raining or windy. They are also coated with UPF 25 protection to help keep you safe from the sun’s rays. In addition to business and sports umbrellas, we also stock a wide range of compact, auto-open, patterned umbrellas ideal for schools, boutiques and cafes.

Our Shelta Umbrellas are available in many styles and sizes but perhaps the most appealing feature is that each one, regardless of style and budget can be screen printed with your company details on one panel. This makes them great customer gifts and giveaways at exhibitions, events and trade shows.

Our custom printed umbrellas can be ordered in quantities to suit your marketing or store needs. Choose from a minimum of 25 units up to a maximum of 1000 or more if required.