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Our umbrellas are made to last - plain and simple. Our quality umbrellas will ensure your promotional investment will be well worth it. Why settle for cheap quality umbrellas when you don’t have to?

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Interested in some promotional umbrellas but don’t want to break the bank? Then you’ve come to the right place! We offer a vast range of umbrellas at affordable bulk prices without compromising on quality.

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Umbrellas Only is 100% Australian owned & operated and always has been. We’ve got over 50 years combined experience in promotional umbrellas and can deliver anywhere in the country.

Premium Supplier of Promotional Umbrellas in Australia

Here at Umbrellas Only, we're dedicated to providing your Australian organisation with quality and affordable branded umbrellas. We've been in the promotional products industry for over fifteen years and in that time have never failed to serve our customers and their orders to the best of our ability. You can count on Umbrellas Only to fulfill all your promotional umbrella desires!

Best Selling Umbrellas

Branded Golf Umbrella
Branded Golf Umbrellas are the sporty golf umbrellas in four colour choices
from $47.60 to $35.89 ea
25 min qty
Corporate Unisex Umbrella
Corporate Unisex Umbrellas are a fantastic affordable product to showcase your logo
from $26.12 to $16.97 ea
25 min qty
Standard Golf Umbrella
Standard Golf Umbrellas come in four colour combinations and are very affordable
from $25.48 to $16.14 ea
25 min qty
Torrent Umbrella
Torrent Umbrellas are available in a variety of colours with huge amount of space for any printed design or logo.
from $20.00 to $16.19 ea
25 min qty
Albatross Umbrellas feature a high-quality 190T pongee canopy, offering UPF 30+ sun protection.
from $27.04 to $20.36 ea
25 min qty
Buffer Umbrella
Buffer Umbrellas are double fold 52cm, eight panel umbrellas that make a perfect promotional medium for any business.
from $12.46 to $10.22 ea
25 min qty
Sunray Clear Umbrella
Printed Sunray Clear Umbrellas feature a sturdy aluminium frame.
from $22.72 to $20.07 ea
25 min qty
Shelta Mini Maxi Umbrella
Fashion and function are combined in these branded Shelta Mini Maxi Umbrellas.
from $34.53 to $24.95 ea
25 min qty

Latest Umbrellas

Important Info3 Day Service Available
Whiz Compact Umbrella
Whiz Compact Umbrella is your perfect companion for any weather!
from $16.01 to $13.30 ea
25 min qty
Quest Sports Umbrella
Quest Sports Umbrella is a blend of superior materials and clever design.
from $25.71 to $21.36 ea
25 min qty
Edmonton Square Umbrella
Edmonton Square Umbrella allows quick and effortless protection from the rain.
from $41.45 to $37.79 ea
25 min qty
Digitally Printed Eight Panel Umbrella
Digitally Printed Eight Panel Umbrellas are superb marketing tools for brands.
from $46.44 to $43.73 ea
100 min qty
Full Colour Double Canopy Sports Umbrella
Full Colour Double Canopy Sports Umbrellas can be custom digital printed.
from $44.22 to $38.65 ea
100 min qty
Full Colour Inverted Umbrella
Full Colour Inverted Umbrellas reveal the inside design when fully closed.
from $27.81 to $23.84 ea
100 min qty
Full Colour Mini Folding Umbrella
Full Colour Mini Folding Umbrellas look amazing with your logo on.
from $25.43 to $21.49 ea
100 min qty
Sahara Invertor Umbrella
Your business name stands out from the crowd on Promotional Sahara Invertor Umbrellas.
from $13.18 to $10.66 ea
25 min qty

Keep up with the latest trends in promotional umbrellas by paying attention to our above best sellers list. These umbrellas are consistently the most popular from our range and as such we're able to offer you amazing deals on them.

Promotional Umbrellas Branded With Your Logo

Promotional umbrellas have become increasingly popular and more commonly seen as an outstanding way to promote your company with your own custom logo or message. Especially during the rainy summers we get in Australia! More and more people are being forced to use umbrellas on a daily basis and businesses are catching on.

Why not use the weather to your advantage and leverage some amazing coverage all over Australia. Perhaps even consider giving away your umbrellas because people can always use more umbrellas! Don't miss this amazing opportunity to get some effective coverage and keep your clients happy and out of the rain during the wet months. A perfect companion to your umbrella promotions would be these amazing embroidered polo shirts.

Start browsing for an umbrella that would suit your logo!

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